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Awaken Cacao Blend, 150 gr

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A drinkable cacao blend enhanced with adaptogens to energize and uplift your body and mind.

The Awaken blend is energizing without working on the nervous system. You get sustainable energy to last you throughout your day without the crashes and jitters. A perfect substitute for coffee!

Organic* Ingredients: 

Ceremonial Grade Cacao (Ruk'u'x Ulew - Guatemala), Maca, Ginger*, Lion's mane, Ramón, Cardamom*, Sea salt, Ceylon Cinnamon*.


Ingredient highlights:


Maca is a Peruvian radish used by indigenous Andean peoples for thousands of years to increase stamina, balance hormones, lower blood sugar, and improve exercise performance.

It is very nutritious and counts as an adaptogen, broadly supporting overall well-being. Maca is also naturally rich in copper, vitamin C, and potassium, alongside iodine, iron, zinc, fatty acids, and amino acids. 


Ramón seeds (also called Maya nut) were a traditional food of the Maya people and is known for its highly nutritional benefits.

These superfood seeds are comparable to walnuts in their high level of antioxidants. They also have twice the amount of calcium as corn, quinoa and oats, and are rich in fiber, potassium and tryptophan- the amino acid that helps calm stress, anxiety and depression.

Cacao synergizes exceptionally well with Ramón as the two grow together in the same ecosystem.

Unlike almonds, walnuts and pecans, ramón seeds do not contain tree allergens because they are a seed of a fruit, not a tree nut.

Lion’s Mane

Lion's Mane is a powerful adaptogenic mushroom packed with antioxidants and can help us decrease inflammation in the body. It is a mushroom known to generate a clean energy sensation that caffeine and other stimulants fail to provide without an ensuing crash. 


Ginger is not only delicious but also supportive to our immune system and healthy digestion, which is crucial for feeling energized. It may also help with PMS symptoms, pain, and nausea and is said to improve our brain function.

Ceylon Cinnamon

Ceylon cinnamon, or "true" cinnamon, is not only tasty but also very rich in antioxidants and supports the heart. It also helps us lower our blood pressure and kill cravings.

Sea Salt 

Salt is vital to good health and is needed by the human body to function properly. Besides, it is very helpful in balancing the body and providing the body with the essential nutrients lacking in our modern diet. And yes, it brings out the flavor of our cacao.

We recommend adding a sweetener of choice. We love a piece of date or two or a tablespoon of raw honey.  

For video, inspiration and recipes go to How to make.

Storage: Keep in a sealed bag in a cool, dark place.