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Incense - Espiritus del Ande - Pine

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We came across this small company on our travels in Peru and fell in love with these ethically and sustainably divinely smelling incense and instantly felt we needed to bring them back to Sweden.

Espiritus del Ande Incense is a 100% natural product, hand crafted with love from plants & resins native to The Andes Mountains, using the wisdom and knowledge inherited by their ancestors of Quechua.

They are made by local natives in Southern Peru, it is a Fair Trade project with people receiving a living wage & working in a cooperative environment. They are carefully holding a meditative space while they blend and shape the sticks and you can totally feel it when you light it up.

A box contains 6 pieces of artisanal incense. We feel  the best way to enjoy this incense is to break off and burn little pieces at a time. 


Palo Santo 

This is an oily trunk tree, which grows in Peru. It is considered a tree with medicinal gifts and it is used to attract luck and good fortune, cleaning the environment, attracting change and improving the mood. 


A resin found in evergreen trees, it is aromatic, cleansing & rejuvenating. It is used to bring in energy, to balance energy, & to support good communication.


This is a plant of Andean origin that grows in areas of height, more than 3,800 meters. The oily plant is used as incense and inhaler for bronchial problems. For its strong aroma, it is used as incense in spaces to lighten and clean the energy of the environment.



100% natural & pure ingredients Perfect for your daily cacao ritual!