Nina and Erika first met in 2011 while living a fast-paced, work-hard, play-hard expat lifestyle in Shanghai, where they both worked in fashion. They soon became best friends. Since then, they have traveled the world together on one epic adventure after the other.

After drinking and sharing ceremonial Cacao for a few years, they started to talk about taking the Cacao to the next level. And thus, Wild Cacao Collective was born.

Their mission has always been to bring this powerful superfood to Scandinavia and to help bring awareness about the Ceremonial Cacao benefits.

Nina with Cup

Nina Medicina

When cacao entered Nina's life she finally connected with her heart rather than listening to her overthinking monkey mind and she now lives in between the swedish forest running retreats and workshops and Lake Atitlan, Guatemala where our Cacao comes from where she is creating a community and retreat space where she one day hope to grow our own cacao trees.

For more information about Nina and her amazing life in the Swedish forest, click the link below:

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Image of Erika on the sea


Erika is a seeker who is passionate about travels and adventures. For the last couple of years, she has been on a dedicated life journey for herself and others. 

She is an educated life coach, has tried and experienced many different healing modalities.

Erika is dedicated to mediation and believes the foundation of well-being is a mix of self-awareness, an everyday ritual, and a self-care practice combined with healthy superfoods. Ceremonial cacao is her absolute favorite superfood!