Discover the Magic of Ceremonial Cacao

Embark on a Journey with Our Premium Ceremonial Cacao - A Treasure from Guatemala and Colombia

Experience the true spirit of ceremonial cacao with our curated assortment, carefully sourced from the fertile landscapes of Guatemala and the vibrant fields of Colombia. Our cacao is more than a product; it's a passage into a deep cultural heritage, carefully nurtured by local farmers and a devoted women's collective. This journey is a celebration of cacao's entire heritage, connecting the gifts of the earth to your heart.

Our devotion to quality and authenticity guarantees an exceptional cacao experience. Choosing our cacao means delving into the cultural richness of a region famed for its outstanding cacao quality.

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Experience cacao in its most authentic form

Our blocks are a tribute to Guatemala's rich cacao heritage, embodying flavor, nutrition, and a timeless connection to ancient wisdom. We proudly offer three distinct ceremonial cacao brands, each crafted into the highest quality cacao blocks with unique energies and stories.

Ruk'u'x Ulew: Women's Collective Wisdom
Ruk'u'x Ulew is the creation of a women's collective, infusing their cacao blocks with the wisdom and strength of Mayan traditions. Each block is a celebration of female empowerment and ancestral knowledge.

Lava Love: Blessed by Fire
Lava Love's cacao blocks are enriched by the sacred fire, bringing a unique energy of purification and rejuvenation. Their process, steeped in ritual, imparts a special healing spirit into the cacao.

Maia Raices: Farm-Fresh Essence
The cacao blocks from Maia Raices are born from the heart of their permaculture farm, where the focus is on harmony with nature. This results in cacao imbued with the pure essence and vitality of the earth.

Each of these brands offers a different experience, inviting you to explore the diverse energies and stories behind our exceptional cacao blocks.

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Ceremonial Cacao Powder

Our Ceremonial Cacao Powder brings together the best of both worlds: the tradition and spirit of our ceremonial cacao blocks in a form that's incredibly convenient. It offers the high-quality essence of our cacao in an easy-to-use powder. This option is perfect for those on the go, whether you're traveling, preparing cacao for a group, or simply seeking a hassle-free ceremonial experience. Remember, our Ceremonial Cacao Powder is nothing like the processed cacao powders you find in stores. It retains all the nutrients and the true spirit of cacao without being overheated or altered. Once you try it, you'll feel the difference – it's the real deal, made for those who cherish the authenticity and ease in their cacao journey.

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Handcrafted Cacao & Adaptogenic Blends - Awaken, Unwind, and Passion

Discover the transformative power of our handcrafted Cacao and Adaptogenic Blends, each meticulously created to resonate with your body's rhythms and desires. Whether you're looking to awaken your senses, unwind after a long day, or ignite a spark of passion and creativity, our blends are the perfect companion- infused with a harmonious mix of ceremonial cacao and carefully selected adaptogens.

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Ritual Essentials for Your Ceremonial Cacao Experience

At Wild Cacao Collective, we offer more than just cacao. Our Ritual Essentials category is curated to enhance your ceremonial cacao experiences. Among our most sought-after items is our 100% Cacao Essential Oil, a favorite that sells out quickly due to its exceptional quality. Soon we will be expanding our offerings to include specially crafted cups for enjoying your cacao, along with a selection of blessing herbs and other tools essential to cacao ceremonies and rituals. Each item is carefully selected to complement your cacao journey, making each ceremony a deeply personal and enriching experience.

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Find Our Ceremonial Cacao Near You - Visit Our Local Retail Partners

If you're eager to experience our ceremonial cacao firsthand or can't wait for shipping (even though it is super fast), discover our products in Stockholm at Gryningen, Örtagubben, Altromondo Yoga, Green Little Hearts, and Yoga Shakti. In Malmö, Yoga Kendra is your go-to, along with several other select locations across the country offering a limited range. These trusted partners offer you the chance to feel and choose our products in person. Reach out to us for more information on where to find our ceremonial cacao near you

Kakao Cermoni med rokelse

Why Ceremonial Cacao

Sourced directly from Guatemala, our artisanal and ceremonial cacao offers a rich and authentic experience. Our assortment includes 100% ceremonial cacao products as well as unique adaptogenic cacao blends. Ceremonial grade cacao is celebrated for its gentle stimulation and heartwarming qualities. Cacao is known for its rich flavor and potential to enhance overall well-being. This cacao is a choice for those seeking to connect with ancient traditions and enjoy a deeply satisfying taste experience. Ideal for mindful rituals, it invites a journey into a world of rich aromas and cultural depth.

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Ceremonial Cacao Recipe

We regularly post our favorite Cacao recipes on our instagram so that is a good place to go for loads of inspiration: @wildcacaocollective

Here is our standard recipe that is both simple yet extremely delicous:

- 2-3 tablespoons of any of our 100% Ceremonial Cacao

- 1.5 dl hot water or vegan milk. do not boil

- 2-3 pitted fresh dates

- A sprinkle of Himalayan Sea Salt

- A pinch of Cayenne

Put all ingredients in your blender and blend until frothy and smooth ( apx 1 min).

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About us

For more than a decade, Nina and Erika's friendship has blossomed, finding its deepest roots in the world of ceremonial cacao. Nina's encounter with cacao was life-changing, guiding her to overcome issues like hormonal imbalances and end her reliance on coffee. The profound connection with the spirit of cacao led her to follow her heart, culminating in the creation of her own cacao business in 2018. Erika, too, experienced the healing virtues of cacao, finding solace and recovery from burnout. Their shared belief in the power of cacao and community inspired them to establish Wild Cacao. Together, they are dedicated to sharing cacao's magic through ceremonies and rituals, helping others to quiet the mind and embrace the heart's path. Nina is currently realizing a dream – establishing a residential retreat in Guatemala, destined to become the heart of Wild Cacao. This haven will deepen her ties with the cacao community and the land's intrinsic wisdom. 

We invite you to join us in this heartfelt journey of cacao and community.

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  • The first ceremonial cacao I ever tried was Wild Cacaos Unwind blend and I was instantly sold. I have since then tried a variety of other cacao brands but I always keep coming back to these amazing blends. Preparing and drinking the Unwind blend has become a morning ritual that I can’t live without.

    — Mahsa Bouromand

  • Drinking Wild Cacaos Awaken cacao is the best way for me to start my day and get energized in the morning, warming my body and waking it up.

    — Karin Granstrand

  • Tack, för din underbara kakao. Druckit den varje dag tillsammans med Chaga och lite kryddor sedan jag var på din kakao ceremoni i slutet av augusti. Slutade även dricka kaffe samma dag. Har gjort mig så gott!

    —  Sanna Ekström

  • Nina is amazing and I totally LOVE her Cacao blends!

    — Tove Oddsdotter 

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Want to join our collective?

Are you interested in becoming a part of our collective as a retailer? If you own a store, manage a yoga studio, or host cacao ceremonies on a regular basis and wish to share our ceremonial cacao, we'd love to hear from you. We provide wholesale pricing for larger quantities, catering to those who resonate with our values and wish to spread the magic of cacao. Connect with us to explore how we can collaborate and bring the essence of Wild Cacao to your community. Just fill in the form below and we will get back to you.