Discover Ceremonial Cacao Blocks from Guatemala

Explore our three unique ceremonial cacao brands, each rooted in Guatemala's rich heritage. Ruk'u'x Ulew celebrates women's empowerment, LavaLove is infused with sacred fire, and Maia Raices reflects harmony with nature. Experience the unique flavors and stories of our premium cacao blocks for a special ceremonial journey.

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Ceremonial Cacao Powder: Tradition Meets Convenience

Our Ceremonial Cacao Powder brings the essence of traditional cacao blocks in a convenient powder form. Perfect for on-the-go lifestyles, it offers an authentic experience while preserving the pure nutrients and spirit of cacao. Choose our Ceremonial Cacao Powder for an uncompromised, authentic cacao experience.

Handcrafted Cacao & Adaptogenic Blends

Discover our unique Cacao and Adaptogenic Blends, crafted for different moments of your day. Merging ceremonial cacao with carefully chosen adaptogens, each blend offers a unique experience. Ideal for various moods and settings, these blends bring a special touch to your routine. Shop now for a distinctive cacao journey.

Enhance Your Ceremonial Cacao Experience with Ritual Essentials

Explore our Ritual Essentials at Wild Cacao Collective, designed to enrich your cacao ceremonies. Discover our sought-after 100% Cacao Essential Oil, and look forward to our upcoming range of ceremonial cups, blessing herbs, and other key tools. Each product is chosen to deepen and personalize your ceremonial experience.

Ceremonial Cacao vs. Raw Cacao: Discover the Potency Difference

Ceremonial cacao stands apart from raw cacao in its potency and spiritual depth. Crafted for rituals, ceremonial cacao preserves the bean's natural integrity, offering a richer, more holistic experience. While raw cacao is minimally processed, ceremonial cacao is prepared with intention, maintaining its robust flavor and energetic properties. This makes ceremonial cacao not just a product, but a powerful ally for deeper, more meaningful ceremonies.