Why choose Ceremonial Cacao over processed cacao powder? A delicious journey with heart and care:

Loving origins and thoughtful sourcing:

Our Ceremonial Cacao comes from our dear friends around Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.

They plant, nurture, and harvest the Cacao with great care and love, respecting the Spirit of Cacao.

The price reflects the love and hard work:

Ceremonial Cacao may cost a little more than other varieties, but that's because of the intention, love and work that goes into making it.

The farmers who grow it and everyone else who helps make it happen are happy, healthy and proud of their work.

It's a whole food

Unlike processed cocoa/ chocolate products, Ceremonial Cacao remains whole, untouched by extraction or additives.

It respects the elements of the earth and brings them to you in their purest form.

Indulge in the rich flavor and heartwarming experience of Ceremonial Cacao.

The warm embrace of the sun for nutrient-rich goodness:

Our Cacao beans are dried in the warm embrace of the sun to preserve vital nutrients. Nature's touch keeps the cacao essence intact for your ultimate nourishment. Far away from industrial ovens and the energy of big factories.

Crafted with care:

Hand roasted in small, delicate batches for temperature precision. This process ensures that every potent nutrient and delicate note is embraced and avoids bitterness.

A heartfelt connection and a good feeling:

Cacao is more than just a drink - it's a journey that touches your heart, your soul, and your health.

You'll know it's worth it when you taste its special flavor and feel how good it makes you feel.