We work with the highest quality handmade Cacao from around Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, where we have spent a lot of time sourcing the best-tasting and most potent Ceremonial Cacao. Our suppliers have become our dear friends, and we highly trust them with their work.

Women's with Coffee Beans and Grinder

Ruk'u'x Ulew

Ruk'u'x Ulew is a 100% Mayan-owned, all indigenous women’s collective that produces handmade Guatemalan grown Ceremonial cacao. 

They source all their premium ceremonial grade Cacao from Alta Verapaz, Guatemala, and process it in San Marcos La Laguna, on the shores of Lake Atitlan. 

Each bean is fermented, sun-dried, lightly roasted, and peeled by hand. It is milled in small batches and such unique, handmade cacao with a traditional chocolate flavor and some hints of blackberry. 

We love just sitting around their collective, smelling cacao getting roasted, and watching the beans get peeled with love and laughter.

Every purchase of this heart-opening raw cacao supports Mayan indigenous people through direct ethnic trade and helps them preserve their spiritual traditions and values in this way.


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Farmer with Maia Raices

Maia Raices

The Cacao from Maia Raices comes from happy farmers who passionately work to keep their land to cultivate Cacao in areas where large companies unfortunately are trying to enter and take over. On this farm, thriving Cacao trees grow that have received all the love their spirit deserves, shaping this smooth yet powerful Cacao. 

After our visit there this winter we instantly felt this is a Cacao we want to spread to our community here in Scandinavia and we are excited for you to try it- works for a daily use as well as to share in your own rituals and ceremonies.

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Lava love

Lava Love

Thanks to Ceremonial Cacao, Izaias & Izabel are lovers, parents, and healers, following the path that was meant for them. Their calling is to educate people from any background to connect with the origin of Cacao and make good use of this sacred heart medicine.

Lava Love's cacao is harvested on the Pacific coast of Guatemala. Their blend is the production of a selection from various local farmers, preserving their Criollo cacao trees, who look after their cacao plantations organically (without chemical fertilizers).

Lava Love Cacao is committed to providing ceremonial Cacao and treating it as a sacred food and plant medicine.

Their pure Cacao production is aligned with respect for the environment, including roasting, grinding, and biodegradable packaging. 


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